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The stars were out - 10/23/2012
Mail Tribune - Ryan Pfeil

 Medford restaurant becomes movie set for a day - Oct 23, 2012

 By Ryan Pfeil

October 23. 2012 12:21AM

The stars were out


A local steakhouse in a historic downtown railroad depot can now add "Hollywood movie set" to its list of credentials.

A scene from the upcoming film "Night Moves," about a small group of eco-terrorists conspiring to blow up a dam, was shot at Porters restaurant Monday. Crew members and actors were on-site from 6 a.m. until about 4 p.m.

"We're all tiptoeing around trying to be quiet," Porters co-owner Tim Tolman said.

The movie features former child star Dakota Fanning, now 18, and Jesse Eisenberg, 19, who starred as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the mega-hit "The Social Network."

While the action inside was off-limits to visitors, Front Street running past the restaurant and nearby parking lots were packed with film and lighting equipment, rental vehicles, caterers and costumes.

"It's like a well-oiled machine here," said 27-year-old Matthew Flood, one of the extras in the scene. "It's amazing what goes into shooting one scene."

He said the scene being shot involved the key players in the eco-terrorism plot meeting for the first time to discuss how they will go about the operation.

"Kind of meeting up and figuring out what they're planning," Flood said. "It's a really important scene (in) the movie.

The decision to shoot a scene in the restaurant started when crew members came in for a meal last week. Brian Porter, one of Porters' owners, said crew members approached him and asked if they could shoot a scene on-site.

"Of course, we were honored," Porter said. "They all appreciated the building."

Fanning has appeared in dozens of movies, including the "Twilight Saga" movies, "War of the Worlds" and "Man on Fire" and was the voice of Coraline Jones in "Coraline." In addition to "The Social Network," Eisenberg's leading roles include "Adventureland," "Zombieland," "Holy Rollers" and as the voice of the main character in the animated film "Rio."

"Night Moves" also features Peter Sarsgaard, who was in "Green Lantern," "Garden State" and "Jarhead." The movie is written and directed by Kelly Reichardt. Reichardt also directed the recent "Meek's Cutoff" western, which is set in the Oregon desert in 1845. describes "Night Moves" as "a drama centered on three environmentalists who plot to blow up a dam." Additional scenes were shot up at the Galesville Dam in Douglas County last week, according to a story from the Roseburg News-Review. Correction: See below

Flood, a South Medford High School graduate who now lives in Eugene, said he had a chance to meet the three main actors before the cameras rolled.

"They just love what they do. You can tell," he said.

Porter said the restaurant had never served as a set for a movie before.

"It's our first motion picture," he said. "We've done commercials and whatnot, but this is a pretty big deal."

Additional scenes will be shot in several rural locations around Southern Oregon, but crew members on scene said they could not comment on specifics. Producers also would not allow still photographs to be taken on the set and declined to comment on the film.

Correction: The dates the Galesville Dam scenes were shot have been corrected in this version. 

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