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In the Rogue Valley, you can dine on cornmeal-crusted halibut cheeks, beef with portabella wine sauce, or breast of duck with wild mushroom risotto. 

Prefer something less exotic?  You can also find prime rib, chicken marsala and pizza.  Dining choices abound.  Most (but not all) of the fine dining is concentrated on Ashland and Jacksonville, while Medford offers a wealth of mom-and-pop ethnic restaurants.
What are the best places to dine?  What are my favorites?  These are questions I am often asked.  Coming up with a single answer isn’t easy.  I have favorites for different occasions.  And the list changes from time to time.  But here’s a look at what I would suggest as of the spring/summer of 2003. 
FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION DINNER: The Jacksonville Inn, McCully House and Gogi’s in Jacksonville; Bel Di’s in Shady Cove (daylight until mid-evening, so you can see the river)  R Haus in Grants Pass, Amuse, Chateaulin, Monet , or the Winchester Inn, Ashland .  A note about “special occasion.”  I’m referring to a personal occasion like a birthday, anniversary or celebration of good news, not a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Most fine restaurants are not open on the holidays.  The few that are open serve a different menu tailored just to that day.
FOR A MORE CASUAL BUT STILL NICE DINNER OUT: Porters and Samavor in Medford, the Bella Union in Jacksonville, the Arbor House in Talent; Alex’s, Omar’s and Callahan’s of Ashland; Rogue River Lodge at Trail. 
AN UPSCALE LUNCH: Jacksonville Inn; Porters in Medford; Summer Jo’s in Grants Pass. 
BEST PLACE TO DINE WELL WITH THE KIDS OR GRANDKIDS: Roadhouse Grill in Medford (good food and a high noise level) Porters also qualifies.

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