Proud to have been chosen Medford's only 3 Diamond rated restaurant, a honor usually reserved for more formal and expensive establishments.

Winner since 2011 in Southern Oregon Magazine's "The Very Best" Readers Choice - 2015: Best Happy Hour, Best Steak and runner-up for Best Fine Dining. 2014: Best Happy Hour and runner-up as the Best Place for Late Night Munchies. 2012: Best Patio Dining."

Winner 12 years running!


Founding Member

Winner since 2007 in Sneak Preview's Best of Medford - 2015: Voted #1 for Best Steaks for the 9th consecutive year, Best Happy Hour, Best Late Night Menu, Best Romantic Restaurant and Best Dinner House in Medford. 2014: Porters Owners: Brian, Rolar and Tim were named as one of the Favorite Local Restaurant Owners, Staff Members were named Favorite Waitpersons, #1 for Best Dinnerhouse, Best Happy Hour, Most Romantic Restaurant and Best Steaks!

2010 Retailer of the Year
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Porters Review: Dean and Mindy walk into a bar

"We came upon Porters, and frankly, it just looked pretty. It was obviously an older building, and in some quick internet research while writing this I found that it was built as a train depot in 1910 and has since been designated as National Historic Landmark. Post visit research also showed that Porters won a number of local awards for Best Restaurant, Best Happy Hour, and most importantly for us, they won a 2016 award for Best Cocktails. We went in. "

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"Just got back from dinner here tonight. This was my second time coming here - was here about this time last year.

Have nothing but good to say.

The place was busy, even for a Wednesday night, and we did not have reservations, but we were seated within 10 minutes by an absolute sweetheart of a hostess. We ordered our cocktails and placed our dinner orders. Wife ordered the hazelnut crusted steelhead (but without the blue cheese) with a seafood chowder, and I ordered the sesame/black pepper ahi tuna with a salad. Both were absolutely outstanding, and as busy as they were the orders were delivered within a timely manner.

Medford has become our overnight stop when driving from San Jose to Portland, and this will be our regular dinner stop. Beautiful place, too. Former train depot. Lots of tile floors and dark paneled walls."

L. Louis 8/14


"We have traveled over 4,000 miles by car, starting in New York, eating at some very fine and celebrated restaurants along the way. This is the best dinner we've had on the trip, better than at Chez Panisse and El Toror. Thanks for reminding us that the best places are discoveries: Medford: Foodie Heaven!"

Eric & Harriet,
Portland OR 2014


"Wonderful food in a nice setting. Situated in the old Medford Railroad Station with a very pleasing atmosphere and a culinary delight. You will be welcomed with a smile and a warm greeting. Relax and enjoy the interior ambiance. Bring your friends, laugh and have a great evening outing."

K. Beard 3/14


"Great Service with excellent staff. The food was great and quickly made We had a really lovely dinner and look forward to our next visit."

Cindy G - Eagle Point - 7/15


"Porters' Blackened Sesame Ahi was cooked the best I've ever had. Flavorful and plenty of food."

Family S - Victoria B.C. - 6/15


"Stunningly beautiful patio. The place teems with history and authenticity. What a treasure! And the food matched and bettered the ambiance. Well done, Medford! We'll be back."

Peter M. - Seattle, Wa. - 6/15